Arab World Books' Tenth Anniversary 1998-2008

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Since March 2008 we have been celebrating Arab World Books' tenth anniversary with a variety of activities and additions to mark this event.

News coverage of our January 27 evening at the Supreme Council for Culture in Cairo.
We had a very successful evening on the 27th which was featured on the six o'clock news, Nile Culture TV and several papers and magazines. Thanks are due to all our members and friends and in particular our volunteer team who helped make this night possible: Azza Rashad, Azza Taalab, Jihan Abouzid, Hayam Saleh, Mahmoud Zamzam, Mohamed Yehia, Salwa Lubani and Somaya Ramadan. We would also like to express our gratitude to all staff at the Supreme Council of Culture, to Mr. Ali Abushady, Dr. Emad Aboughazi , Ms.Nelly Seif el-Nasr and all PR office staff members. Finally special thanks to Dr. Samia Mehrez for her support and opening speech and to all members of our board of trustees particularly those who honoured us with their attendance: Dr. Gaber Asfour , novelist Bahaa Taher and Ambassador Abdelraouf Elreedy.

Channel One video from the Six o'clock news
Om Aldonia 21 Magazine

Arab World Books Tenth Anniversary Awards 
in appreciation of our volunteers, friends, writers and editors who have contributed in many ways to build and support Arab World Books over the past ten years.

A Selection of Your Messages on the occasion of our tenth anniversary

Activities, Special events and Memories
a selection of activities, special events and memories that portray the scope of our activities and members in the past ten years.

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