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Ossama Alsaadawi is an Egyptian author.
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2nd Real Time Machine
In Arabic
 170 Pages
Price $15.99

2nd Real Time Machine
shown left

It introduces about 26 great articles written by the author and published in Alhadaf magazine of Kuwait. These articles are mainly time extractions of birth dates of famous leaders and prophets of history, deduced by what is so called "2nd real time machine", which is invented by the author and well-known in the Arab world.



"Secret of Pharaohs and Astronomy"
In Arabic shown below right  Price $14.99

The book is divided into two sections. First one explains in brief how Great pyramid was "really" built", relying on a simple well-known mathematical equation, and some historical facts. The book proves that King Khufu needed about 25 billions of horsepower to build his pyramid. Egyptologists say that Khufu built his pyramid using people to drive up stones on high long ramps. However, this simple calculation proves definitely that it is impossible to build this vast pyramid using manpower! It is explained how King Khufu used "Inundation Power", which is the vast hydraulic power of flood waters, to raise up this immense mass of stones using  "simple" techniques. 

"Secret of Pharaohs and Astronomy"
in Arabic
110 Pages Price $14.99

Second part of the book explains author's discovery of, "Zero Point", or "Origin Point", for calculating historical dating in History. He explained how he deduced it depending on the historical dating correction made by Pope Gregory 13th of Rome in year 1584 AD when he dropped 10 days of calendar to equate lunar timing "higri" with solar timing. In addition, he explained some facts about lunar and solar eclipses and some facts about astrology.
true hieroglyphs Introduction to New and True Hieroglyphs Part 1
Multi lingual: in Hieroglyphic, English and Arabic languages.
Shown below right Price $23.99

Introduction to New and True Hieroglyphs Part 2
Multi lingual: in Hieroglyphic, English and Arabic languages
269 Pages Price $23.99

It explains, in brief, elements of Alsaadawi's theory of true Hieroglyphs, which are summarized as:
- Egyptian language has not changed "orally" a bit since far pre dynastic times, that is, since more than 7000 years ago. Current Egyptians speak orally "exactly" the same as their Ancient Egyptian Grand's did.
- Egyptian Names, Rituals, Customs, Celebrations and Aphorisms have not changed orally "a bit" for more than 7000 years and up to "Now"!
- There are many fundamental mistakes made by Champollion when decoding Hieroglyphs, and which have been rectified in this theory.

- Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic language is not an alphabetic language as it is internationally known, but it is a kind of shorthand language based on compound phonetic roots, designed according to firm rules.
- Motorizing letters, which are discovered by the author and plays a great role in decoding Hieroglyphs.
- Phonetic corrections of wrongly sounded glyphs.
- Conception correction of numerous of glyphs, which were wrongly translated.
- Introduction of true translations of many glyphs that were not translated before.
- Introducing symbols, to the first time, as an independent whole words or Hieroglyphic "expressions".
Hieroglyphic Roots Part 1
Arab World Books 2000 
Multi lingual: in Hieroglyphic, English and Arabic languages 269 Pages Price 29.25$

A first to shed the light on: 

- Hieroglyphic pronouns and relative forms.
- New classification of Hieroglyphic symbols according to their root sound phonemes.
True Hieroglyphic names of divine characters in Ancient Egypt.
- True meanings of many  Hieroglyphic well-known expressions.
- True deciphering of many Ancient Egyptian pictures.

Hieroglyphic Roots, Part 2  
in Arabic& Hieroglyphic 
 shown right  Price 19.25$

Book discusses:

- True verbal utterance of Ancient Egyptian Language
- Coptic Language
- Introduction to true translation of Hieroglyphic
text of Rosetta Stone

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