Zeinab Mobarak

Zeinab Mobarak

Zeinab Mobarak is a Children's Writer, puppeteer, and professional dubbing translator.

She was the star of the theatre group at AUC where she graduated with a BA in anthropology and a minor in theatre studies, and also took a number of courses in playwriting, short story writing, and Arabic literature.

Mobarak has translated films and TV for subtitling and dubbing. She is also a writer on the Sesame Street project from its beginning in Egypt in the nineties and has continued to write many songs for it for many years. She has worked with Disney in translating cartoons and songs since 1997. She did great classics like Cinderella, Pinocchio, The Princess and the Frog, The Smurfs and many others. She did translating and dubbing and in those she mostly rewrote the songs to fit the films. She translated “The Burglar” of Tawfik Alhakeem both into English and colloquial Arabic to be performed at the AUC. She has led many translation workshops in Doha and Cairo. She also participated in compiling an English-Arabic dictionary for children that was printed and published in Egypt in the nineties. She also has two published books for pre-schoolers, and has had a great career in adaptation and translation.

To Mobarak, translation and dubbing are vital. Dubbing in particular has opened her eyes to a whole new world and is her preferred mechanism.
She believes that subtitling conveys the meaning of what is being said, but it does not convey the feeling. There is a lost element here that can only come through in dubbing, because you have a talented actor who acts anew what is being said in the target language. Subtitling does not work in children’s films. Adults go with kids and keep explaining to them what is happening. Dubbing solves this problem and makes everyone enjoy it.
Dubbing works better in her opinion because what is being presented is a spoken word that conveys meaning and nuances of the original language that needs to be presented as a spoken word.
On another scale, she has written a number of children’s series that were produced and aired over the past years, in addition to the first Egyptian animation film for children that is in production at the moment, to be aired in 2017.

She is a member of the Story Group in the Egyptian Shooting Club, and has had several of her short stories published in short story collections produced by the Club. Currently, her first novel, A Glimpse Through the Sieve, is in printing stage, and will be published shortly.