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source little horus:

Prominent Journalist/ Novelist/political Writer and Dreaming Rebel (1919  1990

  • Born on January 1, 1919.
  • In his childhood, Ihsan’s sole pleasure was reading. His father, who was keen on providing his son with the best education, encouraged him to do so. 
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1942. 
  • Joined the law office of a famous lawyer; Edward Qussairi as a trainee lawyer, while working as a journalist for Rose El-Youssef Magazine.
  • Literature and journalism, for Ihsan, have been indispensable necessities of life. With them, he could attain self - equilibrium, dream revolts and realize his aspirations. 
  • He resigned the legal profession and dedicated himself to journalism and literature.
  • In 1944, lhsan started writing film scripts, followed by two collections of short stories: "love Maker" and "Love Seller", featuring memories of a young man on a visit to Europe. With "The Black Glasses" in 1949, he was inclined to the sentimental novel. His novel "I'm Free" in 1952, came, however, rather as a press feature than a novel. 
  • He died on the same month of his birth, January 11, 1990.

Ihsan was a prolific writer. Beside his intensive contributions to the press, he wrote the following: 

  • 49 novels were converted into film scripts. 
  • 5 novels were dramatized. 
  • 9 novels were converted into radio series. 
  • 10 novels were converted into TV series. 
  • 56 books 

Several novels were translated into foreign languages as English, French, Ukrainian, Chinese, and German. 

Awards and Prizes : 

  • Order of Merit of the First Class, by Late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. 
  • Order of the Republic of the First Class, by President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak in 1990 (posthumously). 
  • First Prize for his novel " My Blood, Tears and Smile ", in 1973. 
  • Best Film story prize for his novel " The Bullet is still in my pocket ", in 1975. 

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