Fawzia Alashmawi
فوزية العشماوي

Dr. Fawzia Alashmawi Al-Ashmawi was born in Egypt. Although she has left her country of origin a long time ago to settle in Geneva- Switzerland, Dr. Al-Ashmawi's literary work throbs with a passion for her city of birth, Alexandria, a port on the warm blue waters of the mediterranean.
She is married and has three children.
She has been teaching Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Geneva University since 1979.
Dr.Al-Ashmawi is indeed a very active person and it is to be noted that she seems to be always involved in matters that focus on her Egyptian roots.

Qualifications - PHD- University of Geneva, Geneva Switzerland, 1983
“ Aspects of the Evolution of Women Status & the Society in
Contemporary Egypt”
- Bachelor of Arts-University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1972
- Bachelor of Arts-University of Alexandria, Egypt, 1965
- Baccalauréat français (Sainte Jeanne Antide Alexandria, Egypt, 1961

Employment record – Senior Researcher for UNESCO, Paris
2007 : Project : The Image of the Other in History Textbooks
2006 : Project : The Evolution of Muslim Women (Encyclopedia of Islam)
- Senior Researcher for ISESCO, Rabat, Morroco 2005
The Image of Islam in European Textbooks
- Senior Researcher for European Commission, Brussels :
Scientific Programme of Finalized European Researchs, TSER Project
1997-1999 : Muslim Voices in the European Union, Identity and Employment
- Professor Dept. of Mediterranean Languages & Civilizations
University of Geneva- Faculty of Arts-1979 to 2007
- Cultural Counsellor-Embassy&Permanent Mission of The United Arab
Emirates to the United Nations,Geneva (1991-1996)
- Counsellor for U.N.& Inter. Organizations, Embassy & Permanent
Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Geneva, 1977-1983
- Trilingual Translator (Arabic-English-French) accredited to the State of
Geneva, to the United Nations in Geneva, to the International Labor
Organization in Geneva (since 1983 at present ).
- Researcher, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Al-Azhar, Cairo,
Egypt, 1972
- Teacher of French Langage, Collège Saint Joseph d’Alexandrie, Egypt, 1961-1966


- Mariage et Divorce dans l’Egypte Ancienne (Marriage and Divorce in Ancient Egypt) (translation from Arabic), Geuthner, Paris,2009
- Mohammad, Prophète de Dieu (The Prophet Mohammed), (translation from Arabic).
WICS Publications, Tripoli, 2005
- L’Islam dans les manuels scolaires en Europe (Islam in History Textbooks),
WICS Publications, Tripoli, 2003
- La Condition des Musulmans en Suisse(Muslims Status in Switzerland), CERA, Geneva,2001
- Etude Comparative des manuels scolaires des pays méditerranéens (Comparative Study of
History Textbooks in Mediterranean Countries), UNESCO, Paris, 1996
- L’Authenticité dans l’oeuvre romanesque de Naguib Mahfouz ( The Authenticity in Naguib
Mahfouz Novels, in Revue of Arts & Translation, No 1, Kaslik, Liban, 1995
- La tragédie de Voltaire:Mahomet ou le Fanatisme,( Mahomet,The Fanatism of Voltaire),
in Campus, Geneva, 1994)
- Miramar of Naguib Mahfuz (translation from Aarabic), Denoël, Paris, 1990
- La Femme et l’Egypte Moderne dans l’oeuvre de Naguib Mahfouz (Women and Modern Egypt
in Naguib Mahfuz Novels,) Labor & Fides, Geneva, 1985.


- Learning about the Other, Guidebook for History Textbooks, Joint Project of UNESCO
and Arab League, Cairo, 2009
-The Image of The Other in History Textbooks: Jews and Christians in Islamic Books,
Istanbul, 2006
- The Arabic Language as an Official Language of The United Nations, Nitobe Symposium,
Berlin, 1999
- Human Rights in Islam, Panorama, Bern, 1999
- Muslim Voices in Switzerland, TSER Project, Brussels, 1999
- Comparative Study of Textbooks : The Image of the Other in Seven Mediterranean
Countries, UNESCO Publications, Newsletter No 5, 1996

Publications in Arabic

- Amwaj al-`umr (Waves of my life), Dar el-ain Publications, Cairo,2012
- Al-mara al-muslima fì al-`Ilam al –gharbi (Muslim Women in The Media in Occident),
Akhbar al-youm, Cairo, 2008
- Al-Qiyam al-Islamiyya wa al-Qiyam al-Insaniyya (Islamic Values and Humanitarian
Values, Doha Conference, Qatar, 2007
- Al-maraa fî adab Naguib Mahfuz ( Women in Naguîb Mahfouz Novels), 2003
General Egyptian Organization of book & Superior Council of Culture, Cairo,
- ‏Al-Saba` Banât fî al-Iskandiriyya (The Seven Monks of Alexandria), Novel, Sharqiyyat,
- Cairo, 1998
- Al-Hub al-Awal wa al-Suhba ( The First Love) of Samuel Beckett), (translation from French), Superior Council of Culture, Cairo, 1998
- Alexandrie 60, Novel, Madbouly, Cairo, 1997
- Al-Ghurba fî al-watan, ( Stranger in my Country), Short Stories, Madbouly, Cairo, 1995
- Al-Hub (Love), translation from French of the Novel of Marguerite Duras, General Organization of Culture, Cairo, 1995
- Al-Islam wa al-àwlama (Islam and Globalization) High Council of Islamic Affairs, Cairo, 1999
- Makanat al-mar’ a fi al-Islam (The Status of Muslim Women in Islam), Conference on Uprooted Muslim Women in Islam, Sharjeh, U.A.E., 1994


Dr. AL ASHMAWI has participated to a large number of International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops in: United States, European Countries, Gulf &Middle East Countries


- President, Forum for European Muslim Woman, Geneva
- Secretary General, Association Culturelle Egypto- Suisse, Geneva
- President, Association des Egyptiens en Suisse, Geneva, 1996-2004
- Member of the Swiss Society of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Bern, Switzerland
- Member of The Academic Society of Geneva, Geneva,
- Member of Expert Group for History Textbook of UNESCO, Paris
- Member of The High Committee of History Textbook in Egypt, Cairo
- Member of The Council of Islamic Affairs, Egypt, Cairo


Dr. Al ASHMAWI has been awarded, in April 2008, and obtained the Golden Award in Sciences and Arts from Egypt (Wissam al-Istihqaq min al-Daragha al-Ula fi al –`Ulum wa al-Funun).

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