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From Palestine Chronicle - November 6 2002  

LONDON (PINA) - A growing number of musicians from various parts of the world have been focusing their attention on the Middle East, and the continuous violation of Palestinian human rights.

In recent times, they have been composing songs that deal with the issue, breaking a long-lasted Western taboo, and bringing Palestinian suffering under the attention of their audience. Their songs deal with alienation and expulsion, with the subhuman conditions in the refugee camps, and with the devastating effects of military violence and oppression. 

The Savage Rose, an originally Danish band that has moved to Los Angeles, and is spearheaded by the amazing and powerful vocals of Anissette Koppel, and the composing and performing talents of her husband, Ted Koppel, have been performing their “Song of Palestine” in front of vast audiences in Europe and the United States, boosting the morale of pro-Palestinian activists in the region. 

David Rovics, a folk singer from the United States who writes, as he calls them, “songs of social significance”, has dedicated a song to the Israeli massacre in Jenin, producing a very powerful and blood-curdling musical document, that testifies to the immense human tragedy caused by the massive onslaught of the Israeli army, and its penetrating and devastating effect upon the human soul. His earlier song, “Children of Jerusalem”, already exposed the chilling reality of wanton gunfire of Israeli soldiers at Palestinian demonstrators. 

Jos Linnebank, a Dutch writer and performer of songs that deal with various humanitarian issues, has also written a song, both in the French and Dutch language, that tells of the suffering of children in Palestinian refugee camps. The sad and melancholic tones underline the desperate question, that the children are asking their mother: why do we have to live in these terrible camps? 

Doc Jazz, the Palestinian songwriter from the Netherlands, has added fuel to the fire that was started by Gretta Duisenberg, when she upset pro Israeli organizations across Europe and the United States by hanging a Palestinian flag from the window of her Amsterdam residence, by releasing a song in the Dutch language called “The Flag”. Since Gretta is the wife of the European Bank’s President Wim Duisenberg, her deed that put her and her husband’s position at stake, serves as a great example for people in the West, and is celebrated by Doc Jazz’s song. 

The “Musical Intifadah”, Doc Jazz’s project of musical pro-Palestinian activism, was highlighted earlier in an interview with the Palestine Chronicle. On the website, where the songs mentioned above can be heard online, the participants in the “Musical Intifadah” are brought together, and are attracting and inspiring other artists to join in. According to Doc Jazz, the project entails different styles of music. Even classical music is being composed for the Palestinian cause, as is the case with Frank Abbinanti’s CD “Jenin”, which will soon be featured in the project. An other important addition to be expected soon, is the song “Palestine” by American folk star Jim Page. 

To listen to the songs, visit
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