Writers' Workshop

Program objective:

Writing like other art forms is essentially a craft. Everyone has a meaningful story to tell or a poem lingering in their heads and in their hearts. Some of us would one day like to write down our memoirs, or an op-ed in a newspaper or simply a good report at work. But not everyone knows how to make their writing interesting. In short, we all need a certain level of writing skills for our work or pleasure. Even experienced writers cannot afford to become complacent and allow their craft to stagnate.
This program is designed to improve your writing skills and allow you to reach your full writing potential.


A serious practically oriented program dealing with technical and substantive aspects of writing.
Places are limited. Register now.
Designed to accommodate all levels of writers: beginners to advanced.
The language used will be English and/or Arabic.
All genres of writing: fiction, non-fiction etc.
The program takes place online and does not require physical presence. It starts with a series of exercises designed to improve skills and generate ideas. Each participant will then start to write a manuscript which is improved until it is ready. At the first stage, work is discussed with professional staff only. At a later stage, it may be critiqued by the entire group.


This is a six month program.
Subscription is Free however participants are required to commit to the work and follow the exercises given to them by their instructor.
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