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      Poetry by Mona Omar

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Featured in Arab World Books and ACT Writers' Poetry Evening in Australia 

on an icy ivory chess-board

rosy dreams lie.

I tremble, longing 


blue bleak swords of wisdom 

tame a rebel heart,  

into a bronze-black rock 


pure profuse pearl drops 

crack the rock, leaving

a lifetime's longing   


Come Closer Love

Come closer love

Fill my days with sunshine

Shake off the cloak of sadness

Light all the candles

Let me swim in milk and honey

Let me bathe in fire

Cuddle my days

Hold on tight

Never let go


Not My Jar

Potter man 

hands so clever 

shaping mud 

all day round 

musical fingers 

beautiful jars 

giving birth 

all day round

one with a handle 

one with a smile 

your pots come alive 

potter man 

your shelf so proud, but

i am not your jar 

never try to shape my life 

potter man 

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