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Oh, Human Dignity

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Dr. Taysir Nashif

Oh, human dignity,
Are you destined to be triumphant in the battle
with gold?
Will you stand out, confident and strong,
when the armies of power and domination
rush to try to assassinate you?
Have you narrated the past stories of human pride
to your enemies?
And the proud angels of the forest,
can they be your guiding emissaries to
the city of noise and hurried walking?
Will your space embrace
the beautiful women who spread the magic light
in the dark depths of the oceans?
I have the magic moments and the blessed while
of warming my heart with warmth of your existence,
as seen in a child’s smile of happiness;
in an orphan being guided by a human being with
generous heart in the long-short march of life;
in the sight of a thankful displaced person,
who lost his father, mother and memory,
carrying a loaf of bread given to his empty stomach:
in the joy of a peasant,
carrying a basket of barley and love to his awaiting family.

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