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* A tribute to Musa Hawamdeh, a Jordanian poet, a journalist and a writer who has been sued several times and was called for the death penalty by the Jordanian Islamists for using historical symbols to criticize the current situation of the Arab world...

By: Abir Zaki

A poet….
A human…

your words are not written,
they are bled
out of your head…

careless as you are
of man-made boundaries
of civilization
of culture
and time…

a bird, ignoring all frontiers
rebellious against being what you are
no limit to thought
no boundary to express
no curbing the human imagination
just empowering and liberating ones soul…

using my music
the language of great feeling souls

I, my poet do thank you
for you voiced my silence
echoed the reflections of my transient mind…



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