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by Ramzi Amine

A promise in love

We make promises out of either fear or true love. The promises we make out of fear we will break. The promises we make out of true love we keep.

It is impossible, if I truly love myself, that I hate any living being, because all hatred is ultimately a reflection of self-hatred, or of rejecting some part of myself .

Another word for the capacity to make an effort is stamina. In order to recall magnificent energies to spread love in the world, we need to do the right things that would increase our stamina.

Falling in love with life is falling in love with all the manifestations of life.

We are the universe in perpetual motion. We should try to be aware of each other ,
and to love one another, at each moment.

We are composed of two universes, the universe within us and the universe around us. Loving both universes is the be all and the end all of life. If we cannot love both universes we are not enjoying life. If we can love both universes we are enjoying life.

Without love human life cannot succeed - will not succeed.

If some women are more interested in astrology than astronomy, it is because women seek to make their love of the universe more personal.

Little was ever accomplished by a man or woman who loved and did not exert an effort to express his or her love in some form or another. To express love is as vital as to feel it within. The mere feeling is but the first step taken on a long and wonderful journey.

The queendom of love

To bring about the Queendom of love we have to start by loving. “It is not through hate that hate is conquered. It is through love. This is a law eternal” said Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. “You have been told, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and do good to those that hate you” said the Son of Mary.

I can be grateful that, unless I fall ill and die or have an accident and die or am killed or a devilish idea takes hold of my mind and puts it back into the clutches of something less than love - of greed and delusion; of ignorance - I may still have a few more moments upon this earth to learn an art and a science and a practice which I have paid little attention to in the past: the art and science and practice of loving action in daily life. I believe all developments in all of the arts and all of the sciences of human thought are but the expressions of this one art and science and practice - the art and science and daily life practice of loving.

There is such a thing, in my mind, as loving too little. But there is no concept of loving too much. It is impossible to love too much, because if I love the whole universe this is not too much at all. Loving too little is due to my partial blindness and inability to fully see the beauty and splendour of love herself. Loving too little is due to seeing that beauty and splendour of love in one form alone - a beautiful woman, for example, whom I may be particularly attached to - and ignoring that beauty and splendour in countless others who pass my way in my daily life.
But if I invest in the woman I love my love for the beauty and splendour of love in all people, in all places, in all things, then I invest in her my inmost thoughts and feelings towards that which I hold highest - and I recall in her a manifestation of my love for love.

The spirit of love

What is God?

We know the traditional answer to that question, yet many of us who are sincerely searching would like to know more.

Gods and goddesses, at one level, are an embodiment of our own thoughts and aspirations, given ‘personality’.

I wished to follow the path of love. Then I invoked the ‘spirit of love’. But does love have a ‘spirit’? Yes. The ‘spirit of love’ is in the hearts of all those whose desires, thoughts and actions are motivated by true love. The ‘spirit of love’ dwells in all those people and beings. Now the spirit of love is like the wind, going in and out of corridors, blowing through the leaves of trees, across oceans, and so forth. The spirit of love is also beyond the wind, in that it dwells below the wind in the hearts of dolphins and whales and other beings of the sea, and in the hearts of moles and other beings of the land. The spirit of love in that sense is all-pervasive.

Of course by invoking the spirit of love I am actually invoking the power of love within you, within me, within all beings throughout the universe.

This is the part of ‘God’ the universe which I love most, in the prime of my health and well-being, and even in sickness, because it is the spirit of love which is responsible for my health and well-being.

Commitment to love

Love’s destination, like the Kingdom of Heaven, is an inner destination. We do not necessarily have to travel to China to get to it. It is to be found right here, in a warm embrace with the truth. I am content, today, to be in love with love.

Love others as you would wish them to love you.

Once we have taken care of our basic necessities, the only virtue or skill that we need is the virtue or skill to love.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was love.

We will never be truly happy until we learn how to truly love.

We will never learn what we are here on this earth to learn until, first of all, we are clear about what we are here to learn. We are here to learn how to truly love.

We can only turn the world into a loving place by loving ourselves. We can only turn the world into a loving place by transforming ourselves into lovers.

We cannot make people love us by hating them. We can only make them love us by loving them. This is a paraphrasing of the words of an ancient sage and lover.

Precious Possessions

In order to truly love we need to hold love, at all times, as our most precious possession.

The essential cure for every psychological ailment is provided, ultimately, by a loving heart.

Every human problem can be transcended when there is a sufficiently deep love between human beings.

No man or woman can exist in an island without love and be happy. In order to be a happy island it has to be a loving one.

Love has existed long before the first woman or man. Love has existed since the beginningless beginning of the universe and will continue to exist until the endless end of the universe, because love, like the universe, is without beginning or end.

Love is a continuum, and the whole object of all true religious and moral teachings is to tap into that continuum: to live with it and through it and by it, and never to live without it. All other conceptions of religion or morality are long out of date.

We are beings existing in an inter-transposable world of spirit, as energy, and matter, as mass. One cannot exist without the other. And the best way to order this spirit-matter substance which we are is to hold that subjective state called love in the highest; not forgetting its objective manifestations. That subjective state called love, which spurs us on to a world of exemplary objective actions, is a state which knows more about harmonious order than any other imagined state.

True love knows well the science and the art of taking from people their superfluity and giving them a gift more precious than any other: the knowledge that they are beings worthy of true love.

What good are our religious institutions if they are bereft of true love? What good are such institutions if they do not teach us how to truly love? If our religious institutions can truly teach us how to truly love, then they are institutions we can never afford to do without - they are as essential as the very breath of life.

For us to truly live life, we have to learn how to truly love.

The right to love

It is our right to love all beings. If we are very strong, it will be difficult for anyone to deprive us of this right. If we are weak and have not made a determined commitment to love, then it would indeed be easy to persuade us to give up this right.

True love is a priceless gift beyond which there is no other.

There are galaxies of love within this very heart of ours, waiting to be discovered. There are flower-fields of love within this very heart of ours, waiting to be discovered. There is a whole universe of love within this very heart of ours, waiting to be discovered.

Love is infinite. But we must take all of our hearts and all of our thoughts into that infinity if we wish to truly appreciate it. We must learn never to neglect that infinity of love that is within us.

Life is made up of an infinitude of moments. We may as well make them loving moments, and turn ourselves into true lovers.

Love needs to express herself in many ways, not just one way. People who limit themselves to expressing love only in this or that way are not allowing love to breathe fully and completely within them. Love needs to be given total liberty to breathe.

Love is a queendom having its own dimensions and boundaries. It is a heavenly queendom. You cannot force your way into that queendom any more than you can force someone to love you. All you can do is to work lovingly, work lovingly to create the very conditions that would allow true love to flower.

We each have to look for and find the conditions that are ideal for love to flourish within our being. Others can help us. Yet the understanding we reach is an understanding that has to take root deeply within our hearts in order to be so firmly established that it becomes a part and parcel of our being. Then we have to struggle to ensure that the tree of our love is always watered and properly nourished, and to keep our tree of love protected against all possible harm to its being. Having discovered the beauty and magic and magnificence of the tree of our love, it becomes natural for us to seek to protect it as a mother would her only child - to make every sacrifice to ensure that all the other trees of our being do not encroach upon the sacred space of our most sacred tree.

When we are tired of loving we are tired of living. If we are young enough or old enough to breathe, we are also old enough or young enough to love.

Without love there can be no peace. Without love the doves of peace cannot fly.

Love knows no boundaries to her being, because it is the very heart of our universe, a universe which knows no boundaries to her being, neither in time nor space. And love is the glue which sticks this universe together. It is also the essence of the very stuff out of which eternal transformations of beauty arise - for what is the discovery of beauty other than the discovery of new harmonies brought together by love?

The greatest miracle is the miracle of awakening. It is the miracle of the heart’s awakening to love.

There is always a proper time and place for loving. The time is now and the place is right here where you are.


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Ramzi Amine

I believe people are three types. There are those who are looking for love, and do not know it. There are those who are looking for love, and know it. And there are those who have found love, and live in it.

For many years I was looking for love and did not know it.

When I knew I was looking for love, this made the search easier.

I believe the more highly we speak of love, the more we motivate ourselves, so long as we believe what we say, to think and feel and behave in a more loving way.

The reflections on love are my attempt at speaking highly of love.

If we all train ourselves to speak highly of love, would this world of sounds not be music to our ears?

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