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Arab World Books and ACT Writers' Poetry Evening in Australia

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The Embassy of Egypt in Australia hosts an evening of poetry in cooperation with Arab World Books and the ACT writers featuring poets from Australia and the Arab World.

Evening of poetry in Australia Press Release in Arabic

The Poets and their Poetry the poets

Paul Hetherington a selection of poems
Untitled Seung Baek
Geoff Page a selection of poems
Where is Arabia? Hal Judge
What Shall I do with my wings now? Maher Kheir in Arabic and English
read by the poet and Hal Judge
Sleeplesseness by Adeeb Kamal-adeen and read by Hal Judge.
Two Gardens in Cairo Ann Fairbairn
Presented in 1998 to Naguib Mahfouz on Farah Boat on the Nile.
God of Gods Veroncia Carvajal read by Fenella Edwards
The poem was commmisioned for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina annual celebration.

Poems read by Anne-Maree Britton Writers Center Director
A Madman who does not love me Maisoon Saqr in Arabic and English
An Icy Chessboard by Mona Omar
You have lost sense by Iman Mersal In Arabic In English
At Her fingertips Fatma Naoot

Poems read by Australian poet and artist Peter Latona
Sayings from Exile Ahmad Shahawy in Arabic and English
Travel Pass Ahmad Shablool in Arabic and English

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