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31A El Andalus Street
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Tel.: +20 2 2582156
       +20 2 2588003
Fax: +20 2 2583301

Current Positions:
* Chairman of Board of Mubarak PUBLIC Library, Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
* Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs.
* Member of L'Institut d'Egypte (In existence since 1798), Cairo, Egypt.
* Attorney At Law (Of Council), Ibrachy & Dermarkar, Cairo Egypt.

November 1984-June 1992
Ambassador Of Egypt To The United States Washington DC

September 1980-November 1983
Permanent Representative of Egypt to the Geneva - Switzerland
United Nations, Geneva and Leader of the
Egyptian Delegation of the U.N. Conference
on Disarmament.

June 1979-July 1980
Ambassador of Egypt to Pakistan Islamabad – Pakistan.

   Cairo, Egypt
November 1983 – November 1984
Director of the Department of International Organizations.

June 1977-June 1979
Founder & Director of the Department of Policy Planning.
Participated in the Peace Negotiations between Egypt and Israel beginning with the Mena House Conference, December 1977 and ending with the Camp David Peace Accords in September 1978.

September 1972 – March 1974
Deputy Director of the Department of International Organizations.
Participated in the First Round of Peace talks between President Sadat and Henry Kissinger in Aswan, Egypt, 1973-1974.
Led the Egyptian Delegation to the International Conference of the Red Cross in Tehran.

April 1964-April 1968
Member of the Foreign Minister's Cabinet
Member of the Egyptian Delegation to the Trilateral Non-Aligned Summit Conference of President Nasser (Egypt), President Tito (Yugoslavia, and Prime Minister India Ghandi (India), in New Delhi, November 1966.

January 1960-January 1961
Member of the Department of Research

Arab League Secretariat
March 1974-September 1977
Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary General and Founder & Director of the Department of Specialized Arab Organizations.

Attended the Arab Summits and Arab League Council meetings held during this period, as well as the first Arab-African Summit in Cairo, 1977.

Established the co-ordination system between the Arab League and the other Inter-Arab Organizations.
Participated in the preparatory work and the initial sessions of the Euro-Arab Dialogue.

Other Diplomatic Posts
April 1968-September 1972
Mission of Egypt to the United Nations Geneva – Switzerland
First Secretary/Counselor

In charge of Middle-Eastern issues, Disarmament, Outer space, Human Rights, and International Humanitarian Law.
Elected Vice Chairman of the U.N. Special Committee on the Elaboration of International Law Principles concerning Friendly Relations among States, and negotiated the final text of the Declaration adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1970.

Participated in the Conferences of Experts on International Humanitarian Law convened by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which prepared the additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

September 1955-January 1960
March 1962-March 1965
Mission of Egypt to the United Nations New York – U.S.A.

Represented Egypt in committees dealing with the problem of Palestine, Disarmament, Outer Space and International Trade Law (UNCITAL).

Participated in the First (Political), Sixth (Legal), and the Special Political Committees of the U.N. General Assembly.

Advisor to the Egyptian Delegation to the Security Council dealing with various issues including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Palestinian Problem.

September 955-January 1960
Special Assistant to Ambassador Omar Loutfi and Ambassador Mahmoud Riad Permanent Representative of Egypt to the U.N.

Career Highlights
During the eight years as Ambassador of Egypt to the U.S.A., Ambassador
El Reedy dealt with major political and economic issues related to Egyptian-American relations. In particular, he dealt with the Middle East Peace Process and the Gulf Crisis and the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi invasion (1990-1991).

On the economic front, he actively participated in the negotiations leading to the Economic Reform Agreements in 1991 between the Government of Egypt and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. He was also a key member of the Egyptian team whose efforts resulted in the cancellation of the Egyptian Military Debt to the U.S.A., and the reduction of the overall Egyptian debt to the Paris Club countries.
During his tenure in the U.S.A., Ambassador El Reedy lectured extensively throughout the U.S.A., and conducted frequent interviews with the media, particularly the television medium where he appeared in such widely watched programs as Nightline, Crossfire, Face the Nation, Larry King Live, The Today Show , Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, McLaughlin's One on One and many others.

While serving in the Egyptian Missions of Egypt to the United Nations in Geneva and New York, and the Department of International Organizations in the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador EL REEDY represented his country in numerous international forums dealing with a wide variety of political, economic, legal and humanitarian issues. He attended more than fifteen sessions of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.
In 1983, he led Egypt's delegation to the meeting of the Group of 77 developing countries in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was deputy leader of the Egyptian delegation to the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development in Belgrade. He also represented Egypt in the Ministerial Meetings and the High Contracting Parties Meetings of GATT leading to the Uruguay Round.

Furthermore, he participated in several international conferences including the U.N. Conference on Disarmament, World Health Assemblies, International Labor Conference, International Conference on Refugees, U.N. Special Committee on the Definition of Aggression, and the U.N. Legal Subcommittee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.
In January 1984, he addressed the European Security Conference meeting in Stockholm.

Highlights of Current Activities
Since he retired from the Egyptian Foreign Services, Ambassador EL REEDY has been leading an active life, distributing his time between private work and public causes. As a lawyer he represented several Egyptian Companies in their effort to receive compensation from the UNITED NATION COMPENSATION COMMISSION, for their losses resulting from Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait in 1990. He is legal advisor to a number of Egyptian Companies and a member of the Board of the Abu Suma Tourist Development Company, which builds on the Red Sea the largest tourist development project in the Middle East region.

Ambassador EL REEDY also accepted two main volunteering assignments. He helped establish and chairs the Board of the Mubarak Public Library, one of the largest public libraries in Egypt. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New Damietta, a new city established on the Mediterranean coast to the new port of Damietta (1993-1997).

Ambassador EL REEDY is an active participant in the Egyptian Public life. He frequently appears on Egyptian Television political and cultural programs. His articles appear in the Leading Egyptian papers and occasionally in the foreign media. He also contributed articles to the Annual Review of the Egyptian Society of International Law.

University of Cairo Cairo, Egypt
September 1950-May 1954
Bachelor of Law

Columbia University New York, NY
September 1957-January 1960
* Master of Arts in Political Science
* Areas of specialization included InteLaw, Middle East Studies, and
Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.
* Master's Dissertation on International Cooperation in the Peaceful
Uses of Outer Space.

Geneva Institute of International Higher Studies Geneva, Switzerland
September 1968 - May 1972
Complete requirements for the Doctoral degree in International Law
and International Relations.

Born on July, 1932, Ezbet El Borg (Damietta), Egypt.

Member of Egyptian Society of International Law, The Egyptian Pugwash Group and The Egyptian Bar Association, Distinguished Adjunct Fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, D.C, President's Specialized National Councils, Board of Trustees of Ibn Khaldun Center, Supreme Council of Culture's Committee on International Relations, Egyptian Society on Intellectual Property.

Ambassador EL REEDY was honored jointly by the University of Mansura and the Governorate of Damietta as Damietta Favorite Son in 1995.

Enjoys cross country skiing, golf, white water rafting and classic music.

عن الريدى باللغة العربية

السفير عبد الرءوف الريدي
   -   محام
31 (أ) شارع الأندلس
مصر الجديدة- القاهرة

رئيس مجلس إدارة مكتبة مبارك العامة
عضو مجلس إدارة المجلس المصري للشئون الخارجية
عضو المجمع العلمي المصري
رئيس مجلس أمناء مدينة دمياط الجديدة (1993-1997)

سفير مصر بالولايات المتحدة .

1984 – 1992

مدير إدارة الهيئات الدولية – وزارة الخارجية.

1983- 1984

مندوب مصر الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة بجنيف  -  ورئيس وفد مصر بمؤتمر نزع السلاح.

1980 – 1983

سفير مصر بباكستان.

1979 – 1980

مدير إدارة البحوث والتخطيط السياسي بوزارة الخارجية (مؤسس الإدارة).
وفى هذه الفترة كان عضواً فى الوفد المصري فى مباحثات السلام (مؤتمر مينا هاوس حتى مؤتمر كامب ديفيد).

1977 – 1979

مدير مكتب الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية،  ومدير إدارة التنسيق بين المنظمات العربية، وحضر فى هذه الفترة اجتماعات القمة العربية والقمة العربية الأفريقية واجتماعات مجلس جامعة الدول العربية، كما كان مسؤولا عن الحوار العربي الأوروبي.

1974 – 1977

نائب مدير إدارة الهيئات الدولية، بوزارة الخارجية. 
وفى هذه الفترة كان عضواً فى مجموعة العمل التى عملت مع وزير الخارجية فى الحملة الدبلوماسية التى سبقت حرب أكتوبر، كما كان بعد ذلك عضواً فى مباحثات الرئيس السادات مع كيسنجر، كما رأس وفد مصر لدى مؤتمر الصليب الأحمر بطهران فى نوفمبر 1973.

1972 – 1974

 مستشار ببعثة مصر لدى الأمم المتحدة بجنيف، ومثل مصر فى العديد من لجان الأمم المتحدة ومؤتمر نزع السلاح ولجنة حقوق الإنسان، كما مثل مصر في اجتماعات اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر لتطوير القانون الدولي الإنساني واتفاقيات جنيف

1968 – 1972

مكتب وزير الخارجية ، كما مثل مصر فى لجنة صياغة مبادئ القانون الدولي
الخاصة بالعلاقات الودية بين الدول ولجنة تعريف العدوان، كما كان عضوا بوفد مصر بالمؤتمر الذي عقد بنيودلهي في نوفمبر 1966 بين أقطاب عدم الانحياز الثلاث الرؤساء عبد الناصر وتيتو وأندريا غاندي

1964 – 1968

 بعثة مصر لدى الأمم المتحدة بنيويورك حيث مثل بلاده في عدة لجان سياسية وقانونية وفي لجنة الأمم المتحدة للاستخدامات السلمية للفضاء الخارجي.


عمل بوزارة الخارجية المصرية، كما انتدب للعمل في مكتب مستشار الرئيس للشئون الخارجية، وكان عضوا في وفد مصر في أول مؤتمر لدول عدم الانحياز ببلجراد عام 1961.
عضو ببعثة مصر لدى الأمم المتحدة بنيويورك حيث عمل مساعدا للمندوب الدائم المرحوم السفير عمر لطفي. وشارك في تمثيل مصر في اللجنة السياسية الأولى للجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة المختصة بموضوعات نزع السلاح.
التحق بوزارة الخارجية بعد أن عمل محاميا تحت التمرين اعتبارا من يونيو 1954 حتى التحاقه بوزارة الخارجية المصرية. أبريل 1955
 ليسانس حقوق جامعة القاهرة 1954
 ماجستير في العلوم السياسية من جامعة كولومبيا بنيويورك (رسالة الماجستير عن الاستخدامات السلمية للفضاء الخارجي)
أتم الدراسات العليا التمهيدية للحصول على درجة الدكتوراه في القانون الدولي من معهد الدراسات الدولية العليا بجامعة جنيف. 1972

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