Three Creative Writing Books Every Student Should Make Use of to become a Writing Guru

Do you want your student to improve academically especially in creative writing? Well, aside from enrolling him or her in a good school, you need to find good books that will provide your student with relevant writing tips. Creative writing books help in sharpening the student's brain and improving his or her creativity in writing as well. Without any further ado, let us review some of the best three creative writing books that every student should make use of to become a writing guru.

‘Spilling Ink’ by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter:

It is the first book for a starter. It includes the necessary skills on how to handle different workloads for better writing. The book is inspiring since it engages the students in many ways. How does it help? Having been written by some of the best educational authors in the word, the spilling Ink book focuses on encouraging the student to get out of their comfort zone and develop courage in believing in their writing. As we all know, writing is not smooth, and fun and some students tend to feel discouraged and not willing to put a simple essay on a paper regardless of their native language. But, the book helps the students know the simple steps to take when writing. Aside from helping the students in their writing, the book can also be used by the teachers as a guide. It has excellent information and ideas that a teacher may use to guide their students on how to write and become a professional and qualified writer. The book is available in hard copy and also the soft copy at different E-commerce websites like Amazon. So get a copy today and let your student shine academically.

‘Writing Magic’ by Gail Carson Levine

Has your student always inspired to be the best creative and story writer and you don't know how to help him or her? Sometimes it is better to let the student find their way out, and of course, with a good writing book, they will be good to go. The writing magic is a writing book written by some of the bestselling authors known as Ella Enchanted and Gail Carson. This book mainly provides the best tricks and ideas of how to help a student become the most promising story writer. The book teaches on how to begin telling a story by giving a captivating story, and also how to end that story to create humor suspense and any other feeling related to story writing. Aside from these, a student gets to learn how to incorporate dialogue and create characters to fill in the story. It is always vital to do a test after every lesson to gauge your understanding capability and to ensure that as the students, you have fully understood the concepts in the book. The authors have provided writing exercises at th end of the book to make sure that all the students have fully grasped and understood the message. So, make good use of your creativity in writing but first, read this book to get the best ideas of how to put your creativity in writing for others to enjoy reading.

‘Rip the Page’ by Karen Benke

It is another excellent book to buy for students who want to venture into adventurous writing and creative writing as well. It includes learning how to write poems, stories, written words and many others. The book takes you step by step on how to organize your paragraphs how to plan your words to give that compelling message and lastly how to flow in your writing. Several famous authors have written the book, and so you are guaranteed nothing but the best-written message to sharpen your writing skills.

Although writing is not an easy task, you can help your students upgrade their writing skills with the use of the above three writing books. Despite the fact that online help on creative writing is available, like, still what a book can teach you can neither be had anywhere else. They talk about different kinds of writing skills and ideas to fit different readers, and the best part is that the writing books are readily available on the market. So, grab a copy and get to learn how to become a professional writer.