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Essays by Tarek Heggy

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1- Our Mind and the Conspiracy Theory 

2- Let's Assume it's a Conspiracy  

3- The Future: Should We Wait For It…or Create it?  

4- The "Big Talk" Syndrome  

5- Singing our own Praises. Or our Self-Praising Phobia

6-Localized to the Spine  

7- The Anatomy of People’s Apathy     

 Arabic Version        English Version

8- Our need for “A Culture of Compromise”

9- Islam between Copying and Thinking

Arabic Version        English Version

10- Two Misconceptions Concerning Egyptians 

11- Reflections on the Coptic Question  

12- The Arab-Israeli Conflict Between Reason and Hysteria

13- The Culture of Holding On by Tarek Heggy

14- On the Religious Parties  In Arabic

15- The Seven Pillars of Terrorism New in English

16- Religious Education in the Balance New

Arabic Version        English Version


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