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The Nature of Despotism The Nature of Despotism

In his book The Nature of Despotism and the Struggle Against Enslavement, Al Kawakibi (1845-1902) opposes despotism, defends the poor and the unfortunate, and calls on the Arabs to struggle for national independence.
Read the book and participate in our discussions.
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Mirror of the Letter Download Free E-Books
New free e-books to download from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia offered by Hamid Atiyya, Shawki Moslemani, Sabry Shaheen, Alaeldin Al-Araji, Wael Alqasm, Adeeb Kamaledin and others.

Debate Corner  ركن الحوار
Browse a variety of articles and essays by Fadi Elhusseini, Abed Hamed, John Duke Anthony, Hassan- Alasy, Ahmad Alkhamisi and others.
Fadi Elhusseini
Oman: a Peaceful Oasis in a Flaming region  Fadi Elhusseini

Ahmed Kafafi new bookNew Publications 
  اصدارات جديدة
Said Salem, Nabil Alhaidari, Doria Elkerdany, Fadi Elhusseini, Maisoon Saqr, Ahmed Kafafi, Mohamed el-Meleigi, Mamdouh Rizk, Dina Saleem, Thuraya Ghannam, Manal Alkady, Mariz Tadros, Vacy Vlazna and Syracuse Press.

Recommended Offers:
Candygirl: An Egyptian Novel
M.M. Tawfik (Author, Translator)

Trying to evade intelligence agencies out to assassinate him, the Cerebellum, an Egyptian scientist with a past association with the Iraqi nuclear program, rents a room on the roof of a brothel in a Cairo slum. His interaction with the other residents is limited; instead he spends most of his time in the virtual world, where he has a love affair with candygirl, a gorgeous avatar. On the other side of the planet, an ex-NSA agent has joined a secret organization whose mission is to assassinate Iraqi scientists. He does not allow his doubts about the legality-or the ethics-of his mission to interfere with his work. He chases his victim relentlessly, but when his top-of-the-line equipment fails to locate the Cerebellum in Cairo's slums, he takes the chase to the virtual world

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