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Dialectical MaterialismDialectical Materialism
Henri Lefebvre author
Ibrahim Fathi Translation into Arabic
Published by Dar Afaq 2017

Read the book and participate in our discussions.
Details in Arabic     Details In English

August 2017 discussion "Love Arab Style" Reem Bassiouney's Response

Mahmoud ElsaedNew Articles
Selected Writings by the late Mahmoud Elsaed in Arabic

Three Creative Writing Books  writing tips

Nasser's Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt

New Publications  اصدارات جديدةسيدة الزمالك
Medhat Safwat, Mohamed Saleh Ragab, Achraf Elachmawi, Mansoura Ezeldin, Eric Walberg, Robin Yassin Kassab and Laila Alshimi as well as Pluto Press and Clarity Press.

New Short Stories
The Pale Glow of Lost Heaven by Ali Tal
رجل لا تداويه كل نساء الدنيا بقلم منى حلمي
سخونة الجسد بقلم صالح جبار
أنا وكائنات نيتشة السوداء بقلم حسن لشهب
رسوم على سنابل القمح بقلم وليد رباح

towards freedom in Saudi ArabiaDownload Free E-Books
New free e-books to download from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Egypt offered by Adeeb Kamaledin, D R Khashaba, Badea Khashaala, Wael Alqasm, Abdelbaki Yousef and others.

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